Our Story

What's your story? Everyone has one and we would like to hear yours. We have all struggled and most of us know what it is like to feel alone, helpless and a dollar short. We can help and together we will. Some people Tithe and others Pay It Forward. Whatever you call it, we all benefit from taking care of our neighbors, friends, family and community. Whether you believe in God, or simply doing good to others, our Pastor has said it best for years; "We have to keep helping others outside of the church walls, otherwise we fail to see the true difference God intended us." Ok, that is paraphrasing and I hope I did good enough, as that is all we can do. We want to make a difference.....Become Difference Maker"S" as it takes all of us united to pick up our community. Make an Impact and keep your donations and dollars Local INSIDE OF YOUR COMMUNITY and SCHOOL DISTRICT. We look to partner with Local Businesses as Sponsors and Drop Points. A $500 donation made in Rockville, MN will stay within the Rocori School District and we will keep Donation totals separate to reflect that. St Cloud will stay in St Cloud and a Rice, MN donation will stay within the Sauk Rapids/Rice School District and so on. We can make the impact we want when we know the options around us and that picking up our communities starts with YOU and ME. Let's make an impact together!"

I know that we all want to make a difference, but time has caught us. Spend your time with the ones you love and reach out to see how you can help build up your community with Impact being a Difference Maker. Building a Foundation where Communities, Schools, Students, and Businesses stand beside one another, all the while picking each other up.